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Basic Characteristic and Application Example

Published time:2011/6/28    Visitors:4545

      1.  Power Load-Temperature Characteristic Curve

  2.Sketch Map of Surge Current Protection In Circuit of Power NTC Thermistor

  3.Typical Applied Circuit of Power NTC Thermistor

  4.Selection Principle of Power NTC Thermistor
  The max. operating current of resistance >the operating current in actual power loop
  Rated resistance of power NTC Thermistor

  In the equation
  E is the loop voltage, Im is the surge current
  For conversion power, reversion power, switch power, UPS power Im=100 times operating current.
  For Filament, heater and so on add the loop   Im=30 times operating current
  B value is larger, and the remnants resistance and the rise of temperature will be less.
  Generally, the larger product of time constant and dissipation coefficient showed the larger thermal capacity of resistance and stronger capacity of surge current protection.